Great Lakes Drug Metabolism and Disposition Group

2008 Meeting

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2008 Meeting

Indianapolis, Indiana ( Chris Bowman /Flickr, Creative Commons)

Indianapolis, Indiana (Chris Bowman/Flickr, Creative Commons)

University Place Conference Center and Hotel at IUPUI

Indianapolis, Indiana
May 1-2, 2008
Meeting Booklet


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Registration, Coffee and Poster Setup, 10:00 AM

Welcome, 11:00 AM

The Evolution of Drug Metabolism: The Gatekeeper for Therapeutics., 11:10 AM
Pat Murphy, Butler University.

Is ABCG2 (Breast Cancer Resistance Protein; BCRP) the Next P-Glycoprotein?, 11:50 AM
Tom Raub, Lilly Research Laboratories.

Lunch, Poster Viewing, and Sponsor Booths, 12:30 PM

Nuclear Receptors Mediate the Cross-Talk between Endogenous Pathways and Drug Metabolism., 2:00 PM
Urs Meyer, University of Basel.

Intracrine Regulation of Hepatic Cytochrome P450 Expression., 2:40 PM
Tom Kocarek, Wayne State University.

Break, 3:20 PM

The Chemistry and Biological Consequences of Protein Modification by Reactive Aldehydes., 3:40 PM
Larry Marnett, Vanderbilt University.

Inter-Species Differences in Carboxylesterase Activity and Expression: Impact on Activation and Pharmacokinetics of Prodrugs., 4:20 PM
Everett Perkins, Lilly Research Laboratories.

Poster Session (Author Available), Sponsor Booths, and Mixer, 5:00 PM

Dinner, 7:00 PM  


Friday, May 2, 2008

Business Meeting for GLDMDG Committee Members, 7:30 AM

Coffee and Poster Viewing, 8:00 AM

Inhibition of Multiple Hepatobiliary Transporters by a Novel Kinase Inhibitor Contributes to Liver Toxicity in Multiple Species., 9:00 AM
Scott Daniels, Pfizer.

Combining Novel Structure-Based and Ligand-Based Computational Approaches to Model Cytochrome P450-Ligand Interaction., 9:35 AM
Marcus Lill, Purdue University.

Break, 10:10 AM

Non-P450 Mediated Metabolism: Carbonyl Reduction., 10:30 AM
Yanbin Lao, Abbott.

Quinoids Formed from Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs): Biological Consequences?, 11:05 AM
Judy Bolton, University of Illinois.

Closing Remarks, 11:40 AM