Great Lakes Drug Metabolism and Disposition Group

2009 Meeting

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2009 Meeting

Chicago, Illinois (Daniel Schwen/Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons)

Chicago, Illinois (Daniel Schwen/Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons)

Lincolnshire Marriott Resort

Lincolnshire, Illinois
April 30 - May 1, 2009
Meeting Booklet


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Registration, Coffee and Poster Setup, 10:00 AM

Welcome, 11:00 AM

Chemically reactive metabolites in drug discovery and development – Should we care?, 11:10 AM
Thomas Baillie, University of Washington.

Metabolism and DNA binding of carcinogenic tobacco-specific nitrosamines., 11:50 AM
Stephen Hecht, University of Minnesota.

Lunch, Poster Viewing, and Sponsor Booths, 12:30 PM

Structure/function analysis of human CYP2A enzymes and the relationship to lung cancer, 2:00 PM
Emily Scott, University of Kansas.

Using a drug metabolism approach to predict response in breast cancer patients., 2:40 PM
James Rae, University of Michigan.

Break, 3:20 PM

Investigation of the metabolism of natural product chemoprevention agents using ultrafiltration mass spectrometry., 4:00 PM
Richard van Breemen, University of Illinois at Chicago.

Improving warfarin dosing through genetic testing., 4:40 PM
James Burmester, Marshfield Clinic.

Poster Session (Author Available), Sponsor Booths, and Mixer, 5:20 PM

Dinner, 7:30 PM  


Friday, May 1, 2009

Business Meeting for GLDMDG Committee Members, 7:30 AM

Coffee and Poster Viewing, 8:00 AM

PK and PK/PD modeling and simulation in drug discovery., 9:00 AM
Robert Carr, Abbott Laboratories.

Models for incorporating glucuronidation into human pharmacokinetic predictions., 9:35 AM
Hongliang Cai, Pfizer.

Break, 10:10 AM

The effect of losing multiple clearance pathways on drug safety and viability., 10:40 AM
Shelby Anderson, Lilly Research Labs.

Facile hepatic uptake assays to support drug discovery and development., 11:15 AM
Daniel Bow, Abbott Laboratories.

Closing Remarks, 11:50 AM